Preaching with Integrity

Preaching with Integrity


Do you want to improve your preaching skills?Buy this book,it will give you more light on how to preach effectively.

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Preaching with Integrity

Kenton Anderson may well be the next creative voice that evangelicals have been waiting for. (Calvin Miller Award-winning author. 2004-06-03)

Focuses on how preaching that stands firmly on the full authority of Scripture–and the need to proclaim its verbal absolutes–can at the same time adapt to reach a generation tuned to story and feelings. (WIN-Informer 2004-11-01)

"Even if you do not like fiction, you won't be able to put down this book. Anderson does not just tell us how to preach with integrity, he shows us through the fictional story he weaves. A great book to catch the spirit of great preaching today." (William M. Easum Resource Shelf 2005-01-02)

From the Back Cover
“None of us is above temptation. We all have our limits. The question is how we’ll respond when we bump into the boundaries.”

—from the Preface

A large percentage of pastors admit to having sexual contact with someone other than their spouse. This is a sobering reminder that the ones called to speak the very words of God have feet of clay. How do fallen and failing people preach with moral integrity?

This compelling sequel to Preaching with Conviction follows the fictional story of Jack Newman, a pastor struggling with the idea that God could use imperfect humans to preach His divine word.

Through Jack Newman’s experiences, Preaching with Integrity provides hope for those struggling to maintain integrity in ministry. This book also expands the integrative preaching model first found in Preaching with Conviction, providing practical help for a preaching ministry marked by integrity.

“Kenton Anderson may well be the next creative voice that evangelicals have been waiting for.”

—Calvin Miller

“This book is sobering, challenging, and refreshing."

—Grant Lovejoy
Associate Professor of Preaching
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Kenton C. Anderson (Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.Div., Northwest Baptist Seminary) is dean and assistant professor at ACTS Seminaries (Northwest). He has also served as president of the Evangelical Homiletics Society.


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