Secrets Of Creating An Amazing Life

Secrets Of Creating An Amazing Life


This book will take you right into the heart of the universe.

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Secrets Of Creating An Amazing Life

Yes! As you always suspected the seemingly random events of everyday life are anything but random. It’s time for you to find out how chance meetings and apparent ‘coincidences’ are really profound expressions of the universe's grand design… And the fact that you are holding this book in your hands right now is how no coincidence either. The power to live your dreams is within your grasp, at this very moment.

You're about to journey right into the heart of the universe… into the quantum (sub-atomic) level of reality, where the material universe of matter and energy dissolves. This quantum zone is where creation begins – where magic and science combine – and where mind and matter meet. This is a scientific fact. Ground-breaking experiments by physicists such as Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Max Plank and Erwin Schrodinger have shown that in the quantum zone, scientific experiments are directly affected by the expectations (or intention) of the experimenter.

You see, if you design an experiment to prove that light is a wave, the experiment proves it. But if you design an experiment to prove that light is a particle – you can prove that too! Yet according to conventional physics, light cannot be both!

That is perhaps the most far-reaching discovery ever made in science. The implications are immense. Put simply, it means that physical reality itself can be changed by nothing more than the intention of the observer's mind – your mind. Welcome to the New Science.

And there can be no doubting the conclusions of quantum science, because it underlies all of modern electronic and computer technology. But, even more important… This Invisible Universe Force is also the most powerful force at work in your life, once you learn to use it!


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