Sex Lies

Sex Lies


you need this book for deliverance from the power of sexual bond (soul-tie).

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Sex Lies

Physically maturity for a lady in this regard means that she has started experiencing ovulation and menstrual cycles. Her reproductive system has developed to a point where she can become pregnant. For the guy, it indicates that he has started experiencing what is called nocturnal emission. His sexual organs have started producing sperm cell. He is sexually prepared to the extent of impregnating a woman. This development occurs at a certain age in both male and female. Though the age of maturity vary from one person to another. Physical maturity is one of the basic preparations for marriage. However, it is not a criterion for engaging in sexual activities. Physical maturity doesn’t call for your experimenting with your sex organs. Save them for your marriage partner.
On the other hand, there is no level of emotional preparedness that can enable someone handle the devastating effect of soul-tie resulting from illicit sex.


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