Spirit Empowered Preaching

Spirit Empowered Preaching


This book is the neediness of the preacher, specifically of his neediness for divine help.

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Spirit Empowered Preaching

Arturo Azurdia is the author of Spirit Empowered Preaching. He writes vividly, pastorally, and biblically. His main objective is to compassionately and lovingly grab the preaching pastor by his ears and get him to better understand, anticipate and appreciate the work of the Holy Spirit in his ministry.

Azurdia is helpful in clarifying the chief goal of the Holy Spirit as not creating a bunch of noise and disorder but rather as glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ (cf. John 16.14). Thus one might conclude that a church, and their pastor, are Spirit filled when they are Christ-centered and cross-boasting. This is a helpful calibration to our evangelical culture which equates the Holy Spirit so much with subjective feelings and fuzzy mystery rather than the bull’s eye of Christ’s glory.

It is with this theological underpinning of the ministry of the Holy Spirit to exalt Jesus that Azurdia formats much of his explanation and exhortation. He does spend a healthy time behind the woodshed with the church growth movement, noting that without the accompanying power of the Holy Spirit working through the preached word of Christ, the hearers are unable and unwilling to respond and receive forgiveness. Azurdia’s contention is that with the contemporary downplaying of doctrine, imprecision with respect to the gospel and the marginalization of the preached word, the hearer is not served a lick by the shenanigans performed by many men who call themselves pastors in many evangelical churches today. Instead men ought to humbly put themselves under the authority of the word, beg heaven for help, and preach with all of the passion and power that God sees fit to dispense, that if God is pleased, might wake the dead.


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