The Most Dangerous Place To Be

The Most Dangerous Place To Be


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The Most Dangerous Place To Be

Jonathan knew the facts about his father Saul, yet sadly, instead of following David, he chose to die on a battlefield with his backslidden, God-forsaken king. Jonathan didn't have a backbone to stand up for what was right, and it became his undoing.

There are Jonathans' in churches all over the world today. They visit the house of "David" ocassionally and get blessed, but then they go back to Saul's house and they wonder why death and destruction is over their life.Are you in the right house spiritually?
Are you scared to be seen in the house of "David" even though you know what he's saying is right?
Are you afraid that it might upset your religious comfort, privileges or status?
Don't lose your inner conviction! Don't lose that inward part of you that despises compromise! Don't die in the house of Saul! Cross over and be a part of the house of David before it's too late!

In this thought-provoking book, Roberts Liardon explains why the middle of the road is the most dangerous place to be! We must not allow the comforts of this world or soulish preferences to keep us from making a total commitment to God's will for our lives.


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