The Ultimate Selling Secrets

The Ultimate Selling Secrets


The Ultimate Selling Secret: Essential Strategies for Mastering The Art of Business Influence!

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The Ultimate Selling Secrets

THE 4 basic personality style:
Driving-Director, Influencing-Socializer,
Amiable- Relater or Analytical-Thinker!
Which one are you?
After 25 years of research, I’m more convinced than ever that the 4 temperament explanation that originated with Hippocrates some four hundred years before the birth of Christ is the absolute best explanation of human behavior there is. We were all born with our own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. This book looks at each one of us as an individualized blend of the 4 basic social styles.
It takes all kinds to make up a business environment. From CEOs to mid-level managers, from clients to suppliers, from YOU to your colleagues down the hall … everybody falls into one or more of the four basic personality styles. John D. Rockefeller (the Bill Gates of an earlier era) said that"the ability to handle people well is more valuable than all other leadership and management traits put together" and that's exactly what this book will teach you! Mastering the Art of Business Influence looks at each one of us as an individual blend of the four basic temperaments and encourages you to get acquainted with the REAL YOU.
With more clarity than ever before you will understand and know what you're made of. Know who you really are. Know why you react the way you do. Know your strengths and how to amplify them. Know your weaknesses and how to compensate for them. Knowing who’s who, identifying and fulfilling their unspoken and often unconscious needs leads to more co-operations, more team co-hesiveness, more productivity, more effectiveness and ultimately more success! I guarantee it!


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